Elite 8 of America's Elite Miss

The ELITE 8 of America’s Elite Miss is made up of young ladies, ages six to twenty-five, from various states across America.  These young ladies will be given the opportunity to travel around the country, promoting not only America’s Elite Miss but also their own platform and/or organizations close to their hearts.  Being an ELITE 8 Queen is so much more than a crown, it is an experience to make a difference, being “the voice” for those who may not have one and empowering other young ladies to become more involved in their communities.  


The ELITE TOUR will take them across the country, offer them photoshoots with various photographers and will also create opportunities to become Brand Ambassadors for National Companies and Sponsors.

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to be that positive place in Pageantry where young ladies are given valuable lessons on how to be the best version of themselves, on and off the stage.  We want to encourage them to find their own voice and to use it to make a difference.


Our Vision

Our VISION is to showcase, develop and support each young lady and to be the program that celebrates them for being who they are.

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