Love the venue...

location is across the street from shopping

and lots of dining options!


"AEM staff

is stellar"

"The directors are side by side with the girls doing community service - so down to earth and genuine.... " Michelle

What they say about America's ELITE MISS:

This pageant is an absolute gem. All the staff is genuine and professional and the event is run so well. Great experience for the girls, parents and audience.


I love AEM so much and am honored to have spent the inaugural year as a mom of a Queen.  The directors truly care for the girls and we will be AEM for life.... Marcy

we Will be back in 2019!

Kacey second family...kaylan

I can call or message the director and she always takes the time to help and answer all my questions...Cathy

The way you individualize your girls strengths and how you have become one of the loudest cheerleaders 📣 for my Ashlynn ! For this I am grateful and we are Blessed to have you come into our lives forever ! Damaris D

Thankful and Grateful for the amazing support you show and provide for our girls through your words of encouragement, wisdom and true love and care. Rachel

Kerrie & Ron have help to cultivate magnificent, talented, brilliant and humble young women! We are forever AEM girls....

Dorothy & Auri

So blessed to have you as family and the connection to these amazing young ladies.                           Deborah

What Ron & Kerrie do is from the heart - you can hear it in the farewells and see it in the faces of these girls - this is truly a family

Mallory Hagan, Emcee

Miss America 2013

Star Quality production, contestants, judges - cannot wait to return to emcee!

Tonya Terry

News Anchor, Author

Being a part of ELITE is an honor.... I cannot wait until 2019 to return as staff ...again...