We Limit Each Age Division To Only 25 Delegates, So More Time & Attention Can Be Given To Each Contestant From Our Judges & Staff!  Our Goal Is To Be More Than A Competition...We Want To Give You THE ELITE EXPERIENCE!


Each delegate will need to submit a head shot to our National office by using the link below.  This photo will be used to showcase Y.O.U. in our beautiful FULL COLOR National Program Book.  Click Here To Submit Your Photo.


4-6 Years  ~  Princess

7-9 Years  ~  Little Miss

10-12 Years  ~  Pre-Teen Miss

13-15 Years  ~  Junior Miss

16-18 Years  ~  Teen Miss

19-25 Years  ~  Miss

Age determined as of June 1, 2019.  If birth date falls between 6/1/19 - 11/22/19, delegate has the option to compete in the older division.  Must be selected at time of registration.


You must live, work or attend school in the state or region you are representing.  We will, however, allow multiple delegates from the same state to compete.  Available titles will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be limited to twenty five per age division.  Must not be pregnant or have a child.  Must not be married, ever been married or have had a marriage annulled.


Once you receive your crown and sash, your Elite journey has begun.  We encourage you to go into your community and share with others how you can make a difference, one rhinestone at a time.  Please dress and conduct yourself as if you are preparing to meet the judges.  Please make sure your attire is appropriate for the event and contains no offensive language.  Please post to your social media accounts and use #AmericasEliteMiss.  When posting, please make sure it is grammatically correct and that it contains no offensive content.  Remember, you are not only representing ELITE but you are also branding yourself.


Each delegate is expected to treat staff, judges, hotel staff and all other delegates with respect.  Each family and/or friend of the delegate will be held to the same rules.  Any behavior that is deemed as bad sportsmanship, and witnessed by an ELITE staff member, will be addressed and could result in disqualification of the delegate.


You have the option to add your name to the back of your sash, however, this may only be done through our embroidery service.  If you would like to take advantage of this, it must be selected on your registration application.  It will not be an option to add your name, after your sash has been ordered and/or received.  There is a $20 fee associated.


Our system is appointed titles only.  Once we reach maximum capacity, the following year, applications will go through a selection process to decide who the twenty-five girls, per age division, will be.  Returning delegates, from the previous year, will receive a guaranteed spot.  Delegates who skip a year, will not receive this same guarantee.  Controlling our numbers is a crucial part to our goal as a pageant system.  We want to guarantee Y.O.U. that we will always be able to keep that personal touch at our National event!  We truly want this to be an ELITE and unforgettable experience for each of you!

$50 Application Fee

The first step to compete with ELITE, is to fill out our online application.  Click "Register Now" to begin this process.  There is a $50 non-refundable application fee associated to reserve your title.

$495 Registration Fee (Payment 1 & 2)

You have the option to make one $495 payment or split it into two separate payments ($250 & $245).  You will be asked to select your payment preference on the application.  First payment will be due within 30 days of the application but no later than 9/1/19.  Second payment will be due within 30 days of the first payment but no later than 9/1/19.

**Registration Fee Includes**

2020 Delegate Crown, Rhinestone Sash, Required Event Entry Fees, Required Event/Registration Photography Package, Swag Bag, Custom Delegate Award, FREE Master Classes & Arrival gifts. 

$200 Advertisement Fee (Payment 3) - Due by Sept. 1, 2019

Each delegate will receive one full page color ad in our National Program book.  Delegate is invited to find sponsors to help cover this fee and also welcome to list sponsors on the ad.  Ad can be created and submitted on your own or we will have a design service available to those who need it.  (Extra artwork fees will apply.)

$100 Attire Package & $100 Scholarship Fee (Payment 4) - Due by Oct. 1, 2019

We do not require a specific opening number dress (see opening number attire below), instead, we will provide you with a National Attire Package.  This package will include ELITE items needed for Nationals 2020.  You will not be required to purchase any extra ELITE apparel outside of this package.

**Attire Package Includes**

Personal Introduction Shirt, Elite Party Shirt, Rehearsal Shirt, National Elite Bag, Competition Sash & National Event Binder. 

**Scholarship Fee**

This fee will be paid back to our 2020 winners, per age division.  50%-Winner, 20%-1st Runner-Up, 15%-2nd Runner-Up, 10%-3rd Runner-Up & 5%-4th Runner-Up.



There are no extra fees for an opening number dress.  Delegate may wear their own white cocktail dress with red shoes and red accessories.  This same dress will also be worn for the Optional Awards Ceremony.